0.25gm Mighty Midget
Goldline Motor

0.25gm Mighty Midget
Goldline Motor

DC.Enterprises, in addition to developing and delivering top class micro motors, has the distinction of being the first Indian company to have built and flown a 300mm span 18gram ornithopter with innovative design features, for over 10 minutes in a single flight, in mild windy conditions. This is an achievement that places India amongst a handful of countries in the west that can boast of such a capability. The lead gained in this development must be extended to cover the requirements of a 75mm span vehicle – a micro motor weighing about 250 milligrams and capable of propelling a vehicle equipped with a camera, weighing a total of 2-3 grams, on 500 — 750 milliwatts of battery power.







0.15 ( 3.7V )


Max 35,000


In the year 2014, the SIATI(Society of Indian Aerospace Technologies and Industries) annual awards were presented for excellence in indigenisation and development of aerospace technologies, for  the development of micro motor technology for micro aviation applications and miniaturisation which has resulted in the development of the smallest Mighty Midget motor weighing only 250 milligrams.