Company Profile

DC Enterprises

D.C. Enterprises Through The Years

Established in 2001 as a proprietary Small Scale Industry

Organisational Goals

Development and marketing of electronic devices and components used for safety measures in household and industry/Defense communication components, innovatively designed electronic equipment for MRO in industry

Current activities include the development of state of the art propulsion and control component technologies for sub miniature flying robot applications weighing less than 5g and having a span of 75mm and below, and VTOL entomopters.

  • 2016

    Indigenous development of Sky Scope Mark I and II quadrotors.

    Indigenous development of brushless camera gimbals

  • 2015

    Developed India's first hovering 125mm span flapping wing Micro air vehicle under the National program for Micro Air vehicles: • 125mm span • 5gms All up weight • Endurance of 5 min • Carries a small camera payload • Composite construction

  • 2014

    Developed the worlds smallest 3 phase brushless outrunner motor weighing 250mg, under the National program for Micro Air vehicles for future Nano air vehicles SIATI award for excellence in indigenisation and development of aerospace technologies. Designed and developed a 300mm class Micro Quadcopter for the National competition in Micro air vehicles. The "silver arrow" won the competition and fulfilled all mission requirements.

  • 2013

    Developed India's first Vertical Takeoff and Landing (VTOL) flapping wing Micro air vehicle under the National program for Micro Air vehicles: • 18gms All up weight • Can Hover in one location • Carries a 2gm Camera payload • Endurance of 18mins • Complete composite construction • Composite moulded gearbox and gears Developed a 2Kg class Mini Air Vehicle for the Low Intensity Conflict (LIC) group in collaboration with DRDL, Hyderabad.

  • 2010 through 2012

    Activities on NPMICAV projects Transfer of MUAV units to TASL and contract conclusion

  • 2009

    First project with AU completed - MICAV takeoff from UGV, collaborative with Drone Aerospace, Bangalore. • MUAV demo at Kolar to NDMA • Contract signed with the Tatas(TASL) for manufacture and supply of UAV’s to government civil security and disaster management agencies

  • 2008

    Participated in the MAV 08 international compe- tition at Agra, and the Indo US INDUS 2008 workshop •New smallest Brushless motor added to the Mighty Midget family 0.6g, 8g thrust •Initiated into NDRF consortium for activities under the NPMICAV Programme

  • 2007

    Third generation Mighty Midget 1.5g BL sup- plied to prestigious DELFT university, Netherlands smallest in the world then, standard motor for the DELFLY II micro flapper • Development and export of the first micro EDF BL, weighing 3.1g and capable of 100,000rpm • Entered the first Indian MICAV competition held at Agra and won in three categories – Fixed Wing,- Flapping Wing and Special (propulsion) category

  • 2006

    Mighty Midget second generation Goldline high performance BL motors introduced in developed mar- kets, UK dealer appointed – world standard for BL performance-thrust to weight ratio 30:1 established. Standard valid till date.

  • 2005

    Initial batch of Mighty Midget motors sent to dealers in USA, Germany and France,streamlined production techniques after overwhelming response from customers abroad.

  • 2004

    Seriously looked at the possibility of the de-velopment of the first commercial micro brushless three phase out runner type synchronous electric mo- tors running on Lithium Polymer battery technology, for RC model aircraft applications with ratio of static thrust/weight of aircraft > 1, all up weight under 50gm

Areas of Expertise

State of the art in micro brushless motor technology

Unmanned and aerial systems

a) Autonomous Fixed wing UAV’s ranging from 4gms to 5 kg’s
b) Autopilot systems
c) Gimbaled payload and imagery

  • Day and Night Thermal imaging systems
  • Composites and composite airframe manufacture
  • RF Communication links for UAV’s
  • CNC machines for accurate wing cores
  • CAD modelling of airframes and CG calculation
  • Tooling design and fabrication for sub-miniature kinematic components for use in innovative engineering developments in MICAV projects
  • Development of sub-micro(weighing under 1g) electromagnetic control components
  • Development of miniature molded structural components for MICAV apps using tooling fabricated in house with hardened steel and engg. Plastics(FlW G/B