Micro UAV Propulsion

The heart of any electric powered drone is its power system, and DCE is a global pioneer in this segment. With this strength, we can tailor make electric propulsion systems for any kind of drone- all the way from futuristic nano UAV’s weighing a few grams, to larger drones weighing many hundreds of kilo grams. In 2005, with export markets in USA, Europe, UK, Australia and Japan, DCE has the widest range of motors for every application area in micro RC.

Sky Scope
Mark 1

The smaller Mark 1 version spans just about a foot and weighs in at about 420-500 gms depending on payload. In its basic variant, it is ideal for educational institutions and for the avid hobbyist. Add a full fledged autopilot and a real time High Definition 720p video system and you get a drone that is small and very easy to use giving you instant situational awareness.

Sky Scope
Mark 2

The larger Mark 2 design is perfect for surveillance over larger areas and where high quality imagery is needed. Be it real time High Definition video, or videos from cameras like the Gopro and other small (sub 300g) cameras, the larger Mark 2 delivers and with all 3 axis stabilized! It spans under 2 feet and weighing in at about 2.5kgs. Equipped with an autopilot, this one is capable of full autonomous operation up to a range of 5 kms.

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DC Enterprises

A Bangalore based small scale industry, DC Enterprises develops state of the art Micro Air Vehicles (Drones), and critical components required for the manufacture of drones indigenously.

Founded in 2001, DC Enterprises ventured into the yet unexploited international market for micro brushless motors for direct propulsion applications in miniature remotely controlled aircraft. Pioneered in 2005 internationally, the motors sold under the name Mighty Midget have acquired a pedigree status as a result of advanced design features and exceptionally high performance unmatched internationally. This effort was recognized by the prestigious Society of Indian Aerospace and Technologists and Industries (SIATI), Bangalore when it was awarded the Award for Excellence in Aerospace Indigenization for the year 2014.

The motors are currently being used among others notably by the Australian Department of Defence, the renowned TU Delft, The Netherlands and by developers in the National Programme on Micro Air Vehicles (NPMICAV) partners.

After successfully executing a number of development projects in the areas of Mini, Micro and Nano Air vehicles and their subsystems in the NPMICAV development programme, funded by the Aeronautical Research and Development Board, Ministry of Defence (AR&DB) since 2008, DC Enterprises proudly announces its readiness to supply mini and micro flying drones suited to cover a wide range of surveillance, videography and and photography applications. Indigenously designed and fabricated, using the best suited economical and reliable subsystems, they have the highest level of “Make in India” a philosophy adopted as early as 2001.

Our Team

N Chandrashekhar


He runs D.C.Enterprises, engaged in the design and manufacture of electronic communication components used in defense applications.His main skills consist of synthesis of new designs based on in-depth, critical analysis of existing designs in micro engineering, and engineering innovation, using a vast pool of knowledge of material science and manufacturing methods, both conventional and modern, making it possible to produce reliable products, that pose a challenge by virtue of a small market, a situation in which conventional production techniques fail to be economically viable. Chandrashekhar’s passion for miniature engineering started as early as 1969, at which time he designed and made, mostly from scrap materials, a micro lathe measuring only 15cm. in length and powered by a mains operated synchronous motor also designed and built by him, for the application.

Uttam Chandrashekhar

Senior Research Engineer

Uttam has over 10 years of experience in the field of Micro and Unmanned aviation and many of its related areas. He has always had a keen interest and passion for model aircraft and has been able to transform his passion into his career, here at D.C. Enterprises.He started here in D.C. Enterprises with good knowledge and an understanding of existing sources of propulsion for Micro air vehicles and was actively involved in the company’s first initiative into the field of unmanned air vehicles. He currently works in the company as a Senior Design engineer and is actively involved in Design and development of various autonomous and semi autonomous aerial vehicles. These unmanned platforms are no bigger than 1-6 feet in span and have numerous applications in general surveillance for Disaster management, Wildlife monitoring, Traffic, Weather and Pollution monitoring, Land surveillance and Aerial photography and videography.

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