Customisation at our core

Materials used for fabrication are selected for their physical properties, with due consideration to their function, considering the best combination of good engineering and low cost. Products are designed considering harsh operating conditions in the field such as rough weather, extreme temperature and adequate resilience to withstand occasional rough landing. Drone designs incorporate engineering for reduction in aural signature, low EMI and ESI susceptibility, and vibration that can impact stability in flight. Tooling for part fabrication is developed in house for consistent production of high strength light weight parts.


Over 30 years of experience making bleeding edge technologies

Test of Time

Mighty Midget motors, gold standard for BLDC motors globally.

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Complete in house control- Design to manufacture
Design, Simulation and flight testing prototype

Design on CAD and simulate using software, build flight prototype based on results

Electronics Integration, testing

Integration of autopilot, communication links, payload

Complete flight test and tuning

Testing every flight regimen and tuning the autopilot

Upscale for manufacture

Scaling up for production




  • International State of the art brushless electric motor propulsion technology- from nano to life size
  • Unmanned aerial drones from sub-micro ( < 5gms ) to drones weighing 5+ Kgs
  • Fixed wing drones, Flapping wing drones, Multi-rotor hovering drones, Transitioning drones
  • High precision ( better than 0.01 degrees ) gimballed day-night camera payloads
  • Expertise in material science for aerospace applications including manufacture of high strength light weight structural components using aerospace composites and metal alloys
  • Development of tooling suited to production of reliable components to required precision scalable to larger volumes
  • Tuned antennas for optimizing range of RF communication equipment

Defence and Aerospace Applications

  • Ruggedized Micro autonomous drones ( under 500gms ) with the ability to fly in winds up to 20 knots and through small spaces- windows, doors and corridors for front line, quick intelligence capture
  • All weather ruggedized drones for high altitude applications