Sky Scope Mark 2

Features of Mark 2:

  • Almost every subassembly is built in-house.
  • Complete carbon fibre construction- exceptionally strong and light
  • Generous space for mounting electronics
  • Basic version comes with a Naze32 stabilization board, more advanced versions come equipped with a full fledged autopilot board with GPS navigation enabled.
  • Optionally includes RC receiver and transmitter.
  • Optional Radio modem with a range of 5 kms ( Capable of up to 10 kms with matched high gain antenna )
  • Advanced version with GPS aided flight can be controlled using a smart phone
  • Includes one battery and battery charger
  • Comes with an Indigenous 3 axis Carbon fiber brushless gimbal that can accommodate Gopro-size cameras
  • Capable of endurance between 25 and 40 mins depending on payload.
Optional Accessories:
  • Equipped with live, 3 axis stabilized 720p digital High Definition video system, perfect for real time surveillance
  • Equipped with a 2 axis stabilized point and shoot camera for still photographs.

Footage from Skyscope Mark 2