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The Mighty Midget range of motors and Sky Scope range of drones are made by the father and son team of N.Chandrashekhar and Uttam.

N Chandrashekhar


Chandrashekhar is an electronic engineer by profession,with thirty five years experience with advanced analytical instruments, medical diagnostic equipment, industrial and defense related electronic equipment. dad1 He runs D.C.Enterprises, engaged in the design and manufacture of electronic communication components used in defense applications.His main skills consist of synthesis of new designs based on in-depth, critical analysis of existing designs in micro engineering, and engineering innovation, using a vast pool of knowledge of material science and manufacturing methods, both conventional and modern, making it possible to produce reliable products, that pose a challenge by virtue of a small market, a situation in which conventional production techniques fail to be economically viable. Chandrashekhar’s passion for miniature engineering started as early as 1969, at which time he designed and made, mostly from scrap materials, a micro lathe measuring only 15cm. in length and powered by a mains operated synchronous motor also designed and built by him, for the application.

Uttam Chandrashekhar

Senior Research Engineer

Uttam is a software professional, passionately fond of aeromodelling, and obsessively fond of micro and indoor r/c flying. He is a very active participant in the major micro r/c fora, on the net, since 2003.uttam1 He is also well versed with workshop techniques used by hobbyists and in the manufacturing industry, in India and abroad.

Uttam assists his father in production, performs the testing of the products, and handles the correspondence with overseas customers, generally keeping in touch with news about the latest developments, regarding the availability of micro r/c related components, and applications, and market research aimed at discovering potential markets for existing and new products.