27 Oct

D(r)one to perfection – Bangalore Mirror

Meet the family that’s marrying bleeding edge technology with a passion for indigenous construction to create world-class drones. All in a Banashankari backyard

Source: D(r)one to perfection – Bangalore Mirror

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10 Feb

Launch of Sky Scope

We have been working on numerous projects, one of the latest being the Sky Scope range of drones. Mark 1 and Mark 2 are the two new drones.

Mark 1 the smaller and relatively more agile vehicle weighing only 500gms, can be equipped with either a day or night vision camera. Tiny and nimble,this drone is ideal for indoors or shorter range.Rugged carbon fibre construction. Customised high performance brushless motors manufactured in-house at DC Enterprises. Endurance of the drone is between 15-25 minutes and operational radius of 1.5km.

Mark 2 is the bigger one spans under 2 feet and is about 2.5kgs. It is ideal for covering larger areas.The advanced version includes a full fledged autonomous system with GPS navigation with optional control using a smart phone. In addition to all these features, DC Enterprises has developed an indigenous 3 axis Carbon fibre brushless gimbal that can accommodate Gopro size cameras. The drone has an endurance of about 25 to 40 minutes and operational radius of 5km.
At D.C.Enterprises, we believe in well engineered designs with high performance cool running motors, up to date avionics, and auto stabilised gimbals for all possible payload types,to suit a multitude of surveillance applications, in both civilian and defence security domains. We are global pioneers in path breaking miniaturisation and are constantly pushing frontiers with innovative engineering.

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13 Sep

It is award time in Bangalore

In a function organised by SIATI(Society of Indian Aerospace Technologies and Industries) annual awards were presented for excellence in indigenisation and development of aerospace technologies.

We are proud to announce the selection of D.C.Enterprises for the prestigious award for 2014, for  the development of micro motor technology for micro aviation applications and miniaturisation which has resulted in the development of the smallest Mighty Midget motor weighing only 250 milligrams and is designed to power unmanned air vehicles in the 1-2 gram weight range. Incidentally this would be the smallest out runner brushless motor in the world!!


27 Jun

Team Silver Arrow Wins MICAV-14

Team Silver Arrow Wins MICAV-14

Team Silver Arrow from Drone & DC Enterprises, Bangalore, emerged as the winner of the National Micro Air Vehicle MICAV-14 organised in the city by National Aerospace Laboratories in association with the Aeronautical Development Establishment.

 The competition, that saw the participation of over 11 teams from across the country, concluded on Saturday. The team comprising Krishna Kishore J, Uttam Chandrasekhar, Lohit Shivanna and Hariprasad Krishna won the competition as well as the prize for the best design.    The team from IIT Bombay emerged runners-up.