Sky Scope Mark 1

The smaller Mk 1 version spans just about a foot and weighs in at about 420-500 gms depending on payload. In its basic variant, it is ideal for educational institutions and for the avid hobbyist! Add a full fledged autopilot and a real time High Definition 720p video system and you get a drone that is small and very easy to use giving you instant situational awareness. What you get in its simplest form is a fully functioning drone built completely using carbon fibre as the structural material. It can be equipped with either just a stabilization board, or a fully functional autopilot, enabling complete autonomous operation.


Sky Scope Mark 1

Features of Mark 1:

  • Almost every sub assembly is built in house
  • Complete carbon fiber construction- exceptionally strong and light
  • Indigenous custom built brushless motors that have been specially designed for high efficiency and performance.
  • Generous space for mounting electronics
  • Basic version comes with a Naze32 stabilization board, more advanced versions come equipped with a full fledged autopilot board with GPS navigation enabled.
  • Includes RC receiver and transmitter.
  • Includes one battery and battery charger
  • Capable of endurance between 15 and 25 mins depending on battery and payload

Optional Accessories:

  • Radio modem
  • FPV gear ( Analogue camera and 5.8G transmitter )
  • Live 720p digital High Definition video

Customize your drone! E-mail us [email protected] with what you need and your application and we will get back to you with what we can offer. We offer custom solutions to almost any requirement, from simple hobby flying to professional systems for aerial photography.

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