Micro UAV Propulsion


Our Micro brushless motors come in many different variants and have been optimized to power a range of small planes:

  • 1.5gm Mighty Midget Nano brushless motor
  • 5.2gm Single and Double cell Mighty Midget “GOLD” series
  • 3.8gm 13mm Mighty Midget “TJ” series brushless motor
  • 3gm Mighty Midget 10mm Ducted fan motor
  • 6.2gm Mighty Midget “GOLD” series
  • 8gm Mighty Midget “GOLD” series
  • 8gm Mighty Midget “GOLD” series F3P HIGH PERFORMANCE MOTOR
  • Motor accessories, mounts and prop adapters
  • Mighty Midget single stack 3.5gm motors
  • Mighty Midget Double stack 5.5gm motors ( Generally replaced by the new GOLD LINE motors, but can be made to order thru our dealers )





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